Bring a real-life historic figure to your school." A  Visit  With  
Thomas  Alva  Edison"  affords  your  students  the opportunity  to  
meet,  see  and  hear  the  greatest  inventor  of  all  times. The  
Wizard  of  Menlo  Park.   Mr.  Edison  talks  about  his  life,  his
childhood,  his  family,  his  adventures,  and  his  many,  many
inventions,  all  at  a  level  that  can  be  understood  and  
appreciated  by even the youngest student.

Thomas  Edison  will  captivate  your  young  audience  with  tales  
and his  magic;  through  the  use  of  Magic  Effects,  this  Thomas  
Edison  is truly  the  Wizard  of  Menlo  Park.   He  will  sing  a  song,  
and  explain his  inventions  :  the  incandescent  light  bulb,  the  
phonograph,  and the  motion  picture.  Presented  in  a  way  that  
will  entertain  every member  of  your  audience,  this  program  is  
carefully  produced  and directed  to  make  the  fullest  impact  on  
the  young  student.   A  real - life  visit  with  a  historical  figure,  
this  program  is  an  educational, entertaining, and dramatic delight.

Versions for grades K - 3, 4 - 6, and K - 6

Bob Conrad is the author/ illustrator of "Bob Conrad's Great Americans".

You too can have results like this!

"Everyone at our school enjoyed  your show "A Visit with Thomas Alva
Edison" .  All were impressed by the wondrous presentation of facts and
trivia of the Wizard of Menlo Park .  We are looking forward to seeing you
again next year.     
Once again, thanks for a really great show!"

Lynne Beckmeyer, Librarian, St.  Helena's School, Edison, NJ

Bob Conrad has done many of his historical shows over the last five years
here at Brentwood Public Library, I recommend him highly. Bob's
performances are wonderful. He engages the children by making the shows
entertaining, educational, interactive, funny, and amazing with his magical
illusions and ventriloquism.

Adele Bennett, History Youth Librarian, Brentwood, NY Public Library

"The boys and girls of school number seven thoroughly enjoyed "A Visit
with Thomas Alva Edison".  As " Mr. Edison" addressed our assembly, he
offered an interesting and educational form of entertainment, to which
each student responded with attention and delight.
Thank you very much for an excellent program."

Mrs. Marilyn Hawthorne, Principal, School # 7, Belleville, NJ

"I want to thank you on behalf of the students of school # 3 for your
excellent program on Thomas Edison.
You were entertaining - - but what I think was most important - -  
educational.  We all felt that Thomas Edison was in our All Purpose Room
on Friday morning."

John Caputo, Principal, School #3, Fort Lee, NJ

"Your presentation of "A Visit with thomas Alva Edison" was excellent. You
really brought Thomas Edison alive for us.  Some students wanted to know
if you were the real Thomas Edison!  Your props, historical background and
costume were superb.  The show was a real treat for students and staff.
Thank you for making National Library Week a special time for the
Lindenhurst Middle School."

Elizabeth Wood, Librarian, Lindenhurst Middle School, Lindenhurst,NY

"On behalf of our school I would like to thank you for the fine performance
given on March 4th.
Your presentation was very educational, informative, entertaining and
conducted in a professional manner. It was a pleasure having you at our
school.  Both faculty and students enjoyed it."

Joseph Polinik, Assitant Principal, Thomas A. Edison School, Union City,
A Visit With Thomas Alva Edison
Bob Conrad as Thomas Alva Edison with
his most famous invention the
incandescent lamp.
Mr. Edison with his invention the phonograph.
Bob Conrad is the author and illustrator of
"Bob Conrad's Great Americans" which
tells the life story of several great
Americans including Thomas Alva
Edison. The research that went into that
book is the basis of this program.