In  this  original  musical  fairy  tale,  storyteller  Lester  the   Jester introduces  
your  students  to  his  native  country,  the  Kingdom  of Grime,  where  
everything  is  dirty  all  the  time.   Prince  Dudley  is  the only  citizen  of  this  
imaginary  land  who  understands  how  important it  is  for  people  to  clean  up  
after  themselves.   With  the  help  of  his friends   Bunny  Rabbit  and  Pinky  the  
Dragon,  he  transforms  the Kingdom of Grime into the Kingdom of  Bright.

A  cast  of  ten  hand  and  rod  puppets  and  an  original  musical  score make  
this  production   a  delight  to  behold  and  a  memory  that  will last  forever.   
Every  member  of  the  audience  will  understand  the moral  of  this  story:  if  we
 all  clean  up  after  ourselves  ,  we  will  be giving ourselves a better world to live

Versions for grades K - 3, 4 - 6, and K - 6

Bob Conrad is the author of "The Puppetry Workshop Manual" and "Mouth Puppets".

"Your program on litter this morning was truly magnificent .  The boys and girls loved the
magic spell that you wove on the stage this morning.  We are truly grateful for your
willingness to spread joy among our youngsters."

Alvin Yurman, Principal, P.S. 203, Queens , NY

"The children enjoyed the program very much. Program was age appropriate and held their
attention.  I talked to many of the children and they loved it.  Many older ones were singing
with the last song, younger ones were clapping with the music."

Renee Harris. Teacher/ Assembly Coordinator, West Ave Elementary, Bridgeton, NJ

"The children of Englewood Cliffs enjoyed the performance of "The Litter Prince".  The
program did a good job of teaching the children and still be very entertaining .  The
teaching staff at the school approved my selection of your production company."

Joseph Cravotta, Recycling Coordinator, Borough of Englewood Cliffs, NJ
The Litter Prince
Prince Dudley with Pinky the Dragon
Bob Conrad with Lester the Jester and