Indeed, the history of this great nation can be told in it’s music, and this program
does just that. The songs and stories will take your students on an unforgettable
musical voyage through time. From “Yankee Doodle“ to “Dixie”, from “I’ve been
working on the Railroad” to “This land is your land”.
This program covers:

  • The expansion of America from  thirteen Colonies to fifty States.
  • The American Revolution.
  • The Civil War.
  • The Coal mines.
  • The Pioneers crossing the plains.
  • The First Continental Railroad.
  • The Riverboats.
  • The Cattle Drives.

Playing Guitar and Banjo, Using a large map of the United States and Hats of the
various periods and a touch of ventriloquism, Bob Conrad traces the history of our
great land through Music and Song. This program mixes Music, History and
Geography into one fun filled interactive learning experience.

Versions for grades K - 3, 4 - 6, and K - 6

Bob Conrad is the author/ illustrator of "Bob Conrad's Great Americans".

You too can have results like this!

"On May 21 st  our school had the opportunity to have Mr. Conrad perform at our school.  We were very pleased with the
performance that he presented to the children of Pine Beach Elementary School.  The performance was fun filled, lively, and
truly inspirational.  Through the use of many talents, Mr. Conrad taught our children about our country's history.  This program
"Songs that helped build America" allowed the children to sing along and participate in a very patriotic manner.  It was an
afternoon enjoyed by all who attended."
emma MacCarrick, Supervisor of Instruction, Pine Beach Elementary, Pine Beach, NJ

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for performing at North Ridge Primary School on Tuesday , April 29th.  Your
program " Songs that helped build America " was very well received by the students and faculty alike."
Ann Marie Morello, Arts in Education Committee, North Ridge Primary School, Commack, NY

"We were so pleased to have you in to present  "Songs that helped build America"  . The kids had a wonderful time singing
along.  The staff was particularly impressed.  Many of them made a point of telling us how much they enjoyed the show as well
as their students.
I am more than happy to pass on your brochures to the new PTA Board coming in for next year.  Hopefully , we will see you
again at Whitehall School."
Margie Brown, Corresponding Secretary, Whitehall PTA, Whitehall Elementary,Williamstown, NJ

"On behalf of the Terryville Learning Center students and staff , I would like to thank you for the wonderful musical show you
presented to our youngsters on April 25th.
Your songs about America , the puppets, hats and instruments were a joy to watch and more importantly were interesting and
educational for our youngsters.  You even taught some geography and history as you related about our American Songs!
Thank you, Bob, for sharing your talent with us, it was a joy to have you perform for our students."
Margo Ude, Principal, Terryville Learning Center, Port Jefferson, NY

"Thank you for the wonderful performance last week of " Songs that helped build America". It was a most enjoyable,
educational experience . Students and faculty members have commented that it was fun and entertaining.
You helped to make National Library Week a special time at Lindenhurst Middle School. I look forward to seeing you perform
Elizabth Wood, Librarian, Lindenhurst Middle School, Lindenhurst, NY

"Prepares students with background knowledge for 5th grade social studies test. Targets listening speaking skills and
standards. Students participate in sing-along. Excellent background stories prior to songs. Excellent participation of students on
Patt Squicciarini, 5th grade teacher, Tooker Ave School, West Babylon, NY

"Bob Conrad intertwined our counties history with music , explaining the story behind the songs. Great Show!, Everyone loved it
Mary Griffin, PTA President, Forest Ave School, West Babylon, NY

"Thank you for two wonderful performances. The Circus show excited our primary students. The "Songs that helped build
America" show brought out the best in our older students.  The songs and instruments were very interesting. Your humor
excited everyone's funny bone. We loved the day you spent with us."
Judith Birtwistle, Principal, St Mary, Star of the Sea School, Bayonne, NJ"

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful program that you brought to our school, namely, "Songs that helped build America". I
wasn't actively looking for an American theme, but when I saw your brochure, and considering our current political situation, I
thought that this was just the shot inj the arm our kids needed.
It is not easy to have a program that can hold the interest of 3 year olds up through 5th grade.  But I have to say that the younger
children loved your talking guitar and the older ones loved the puppet.  The music was performed professionally and I think that
some of the students were hearing some American songs for the first time. I think that your performance made us all proud to
be Americans and certainly cheered up our school.  The children left school that afternoon singing Yankee Doodle and America
and I have never had so many parents compliment  a cultural program as yours.
I would recommend to any school that they have you come out for the day for some fun, history, music and geography. Our
school was humming all day long."
Deborah Phillips, Cultural Program Director, Holy Spirit School, Stamford, CT.

"On Tuesday, April 27th secondgraders at Columbus Elementary School in Thornwood, New York were treated to a fabulous
Assembly. Bob Conrad finally made it to Columbus after being snowed out inh March. He introduced the students to his talking
guitar Gary and then took the second graders ona journey in time, across America, through his presentation of "Songs that
helped build America".  The children all sang along to favorite American songs such as "Yankee Doodle Dandy", "This Land is
Your Land" , and "I've Been Working on the Railroad"> Mr. Conrad's performance encouraged student participation and kept
every second grader actively engaged the whole time.  It was a terrific way to compliment the second graders Social Studies
curriculum. In the words of one second grade class, "It was awesome, especially the talking gfuitar!" We hope to have the
opportunity to share this performance with the entire school next year. Thank you Mr. Conrad! "
Loreen Forella, PTA President, Columbus School, Thornwood, NY
Songs That Helped Build America
Casey Jones helps Bob Explain about the Railroads
Gary the Talking Guitar helps tell the story of
Using music and song, maps, and hats of the
different periods Bob Conrad tells the story of
Using Music Bob Conrad makes History fun.
Bob Conrad is the author and illustrator of
"Bob Conrad's Great Americans" which
tells the life stories of the men and women
that built this great land. The research that
went into that book was the inspiration for
this program.