This  most  unusual,  educational,  and  highly  entertaining  puppet program  explores  the  
development  of  puppetry  from  the  earliest tribal  masks  to  the  larger-than-  life  puppets  of  
today.   Your  students will  see  how  they  are  operated  and  learn  how  to  make  simple puppets  
from  objects  around  the  house  .  Puppets  from  many  partsof  the  world  and  of  many  different
 cultures  and  types  such  as  Hand Puppets,  Rod  Puppets,  Mouth  Puppets  and  Marionettes  
are introduced

Your  students  will  see  Frogs  sing,  Skeletons  dance,  and  one  string marionette  operate  
another  string  marionette.  This  program  is  filled with  Music,  Fun,  and  Laughs  presented  in  an
 enlightening  way, this is a program your audience will never forget.

Versions for grades K - 3, 4 - 6, and K - 6.

Bob Conrad is the author of "The Puppetry Workshop Manual" and "Mouth Puppets".

"We at Greenwood Elementary would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your puppet show assembly
held at our school back in October.  The Program was wonderful and the Children here enjoyed the puppets.
Again we thank you . We will keep your information on file for future presentations."

Candace F. Mathis , Corresponding secretary Greenwood PTA, Hamilton, NJ

"Bob Conrad opened our new season at the Puppet Playhouse, with his production " Puppets from around the
World" , last Sunday.
When Bob performs, our audiences are responsive and involved.  His manner is relaxed, and informal.
Bob is a consummate professional.  The variety of programs he offers is unique, in my experience.
In fact, we look forward to having him do a different program for us, next spring!"

Peter Lewis, Coordinator, The Puppet Playhouse, New York, NY
Puppets From Around The World
The very first puppet was a mask.
Bob with Mr. Bones a string Marionette.
Bob with Bongo the Clown a Mouth Puppet.