This exciting program  will  take  your  students  on  an  
imaginary  voyage around  the  world  using  Music,  Dances,  
and  Hats  of  over  20 different  cultures:  every  member  of  
the  audience  will  become involved  as  they  sing,  clap,  
and  participate  in  the  fun.  For  the  finale of  the  program,  
the  stage  is  filled  with  a  Latin  Rhythm  Band composed  
of  members  of  the  audience,  each  playing  a  different

Bob  Conrad  will  perform  on  a  wide  variety  of  common  
instruments such  as  the  Guitar  and  Banjo,   as  well  as  
Rosita  the  Brazilian Talking  Drum,  the  Steel  Drum,  the  
African  Kalimba,  and  a  host  of rhythm  instruments,  he  
will  also  explain  the  origin  and  historical development  of  
them  in  a  light-hearted  way.  This  program  will introduce  
your  students  to  the  world  of  music: Dixieland,  Jazz,
Country, Folk, Flamenco, Rock, and Music from Around the

This  program  will  leave  your  audience  with  a  new  found  
love   and appreciation for music of all types.

Versions for grades K - 3, 4 - 6, and K - 6

You too can have results like this!

"Our third grade at Crompond Elementary School in Yorktown, NY
has had the privilege of working with Bob Conrad  for several years.  
He has provided assembly performances for Around the World Day
celebration each year.  His talent and enthusiasm excites children
and adults alike.
We highly recommend him and his shows for any elementary school."

The Third Grade Teachers, Crompond Elementary, Yorktown, NY

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for your
diverse and enchanting "Music of the World" program.  It was
educational and entertaining all at the same time.  
Our children enjoyed the show very much as was evidenced by their
enthusiasm and willing participation.  An auditorium full of young
people can be a tough audience, but your energy and talent held
their full attention.
I would definitely consider one of your other programs for our future
entertainment.  You are a true showman and an excellent teacher.  
Thank you again!"

Estelle Gemignani, H.S.A. President, St. Ambrose School,
Old Bridge, NJ

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your "Music of the
World" presentation.  It was very enjoyable and entertaining and it
complete engaged  the children. A wonderful time was had by all."

Wandell Jersey, PTO President, Emma Chase School,
Wurtsboro, NY

"Thank you very much for performing for us today. The program was
fantastic!  Your knowledge of music, various instruments, and
cultural influences was quite evident,
You have a unique style which was well received by our students and
faculty . The program was enlightening as well as entertaining."

Calvin C. Dye, Principal, Winslow Township school # 1,
Blue Anchor, NJ

"Thank you again for the wonderful presentation you gave  at Switlik
School with your "Music of the World" show. It was enjoyed by
students and faculty alike.
Again, thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us here in
Jackson, NJ.  We look forward to your next presentation and have
expressed our immense satisfaction with you and your programs to
all the Jackson Schools in our District.  Please feel free to add us to
your list of references!"

Teresa Licitra,  Teacher and Assembly coordinator, Switlik School,
Jackson, NJ
Music Of The World
Bob Conrad with Rosita the Talking Drum.
Audience members form a Latin Rhythm