An exciting program that deals with an important
problem : The health and fitness of our youth. Your
students will see such subjects as diet and exercise
explained in a magical way that is at once fun and easy
to understand and remember.
Topics covered in this program:

  • The importance of exercise.
  • Various forms of exercise; Flexibility,
Resistance, Aerobics, Cardiovascular.  
  • Diet: The good foods to eat.
  • Bad habits to avoid: Drugs, Alcohol, Caffeine,

Audience members will take part in an Aerobics
demonstration and assist in performing amazing magic.
This is a fun filled interactive educational program with
an important message.

You too can have results like this!

"The students thoroughly enjoyed your presentation.  It was
entertaining and informative, and it kept the student's attention.  
I will contact you again next year for our Health Awareness day.
Thanks again for a great program."

Sue Mignano, Teacher, Port Jefferson Elementary, Port
Jefferson, NY

"We thoroughly  enjoyed your informative program,  throughout
the day students from various grades commented on how much
they enjoyed your presentation,  The concept of merging health
and magic is extremely creative and effective, especially dealing
with this particular age group.  Your natural ability to educate
and entertain is definitely a gift to be treasured.  Unfortunately,
advancements in technology ,and the glamorization of poor
health habits in the media has made this generation passive.  
These children (the American youth) need someone like you to
revamp their thinking and jolt them into reality.  Your program
simplified the issue of "good health".  You clearly discussed the
major food groups, reported the danger of unhealthy habits, and
motivated us to take control of our health all in this short,well
crafted program.
Furthermore, you presented this issue with encouragement and
not ridicule.  Many young Americans are hypnotized by thinness.  
Many go to unhealthy lengths to obtain a false image of beauty.   
It is about wellness.  We commend you.  Thank you for sharing
your talents with everyone at Saint Johns.  Without a doubt, you
definitely had a huge effect on us .  Your mission on this earth is
critical.  Continue to educate and motivate the youth into
wellness.  Day by day you are making a difference.  Once again,  
thank you .  Please come and visit next year."

Sister Maureen Christopher, Principal, Saint John School,
Orange, NJ
The Magic Of Health And Fitness
Bob Conrad explains the negative
aspects of Drugs and Tobacco.
Bob explains the importance of
eating healthy foods.
Student volunteer helps Bob explain
that eating good food, getting plenty
of exercise and plenty of rest builds
big strong bodies.
Bob explains the various types of exercise.