This program takes your students back in time to the early
1800's when America was just beginning to grow, and to
meet the people that helped settle the great frontier.

Your students will learn about;

  • Davy Crockett
  • President Jefferson
  • Lewis & Clark
  • Sacagawea
  • Life and times in the frontier.

Using Magic, Puppets, Music, and large visual props, your
students will experience life in the Great American
Frontier. This is a fun filled interactive highly educational
school assembly program that will be long remembered.

Versions for grades K - 3, 4 - 6, and K - 6

Listen to what they say!

"Just a short note to let you know that "Great American Frontier" was
a big hit at our school.
Personally, I was impressed with your ability to play to the varied
learning levels of both primary and intermediate pupils.  As always ,
your enthusiastic portrayal  and approach was a contagion.
This was an outstanding "springboard" for this school year."

Thomas A. Qualiano, Vice Principal, Cecil S. Collins School,
Barnmegat, NJ

"Just wanted to thank you again for coming and performing for our
school.  What a delightful show you presented!  Davy Crockett really
came to life on our stage.  We all learned quite a bit of history along
with being entertained by singing, puppet show and magic.  I visited
quite a few classes after the presentation and many children told me
all about Davy Crockett and his life and times.  I just said to myself,
"mission accomplished"!  The kids had a good time and LEARNED
something as well.
Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you in February as
Abe Lincoln."

Ann Marie Schupper, PTO President, Maple Hill Elementary,
Middletown, NY
The Great American Frontier
Bob leads the audience in a sing along.
R. K. Possum tells a tale.
Bob's pet raccoon Whiskers.
Toy's from the 1800's.
Bob Conrad is the author and
illustrator of the book "Bob
Conrad's Great Americans"
which highlights the lives of
several great Americans
including; Davy Crockett,
Thomas Jefferson, Lewis &
Clark, and Sacagawea. The
research that went into that
book was the basis of this